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Are other coatings like Liquid Vinyl Siding?
No. AM‑VI‑CO Liquid Vinyl Siding is made from its own proprietary formula of high quality vinyl resin. It is the original spray-on liquid vinyl siding and no other coating is similar to its unique formulation.
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I saw liquid vinyl being advertised by another company?
They may be calling their coating 'liquid vinyl'  but more than likely it does not contain any actual PVC resin and will not live up to the hype that it is being sold with. Most competitors use an ordinary paint purchased from a large paint manufacturers under a private label program. They re-label it with their own brand and may call it 'liquid vinyl' or some other similar name. In reality it is just an over-priced regular paint. A technical data sheet typically shows what material it is composed of. Unfortunately, companies selling these imposter coatings will not show customers the information for fear of the information exposing their coating as being ordinary paint. Technically speaking any latex paint can be called 'liquid vinyl' since it is a liquid and contains poly-VINYL acetate (PVA), a vinyl compond needed in latex for film formation. However, it is not PVC (poly-vinyl chloride). Just because a company is calling their paint liquid vinyl does not necessarily mean that it contains any PVC vinyl resin. Do not be fooled by imitations or confuse copycats with AM‑VI‑CO Liquid Vinyl Siding.
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Does Liquid Vinyl insulate my home?
Yes, it seals cracks and gaps in the siding to prevent energy loss and can reduce conduction heat loss in the winter and heat gain on hot days. American Coating Products makes no claims as to the extent of its insulating ability or the amount it may reduce energy bills. The true value of Liquid Vinyl Siding is the benefits it provides such as reducing exterior maintenance, eliminating painting bills and providing a beautiful finish that adds to the property value. The insulation claims other companies are making for a coating product are probably not verified by an independent source and are most likely unrealistic. An exterior coating, even with ceramics added, will not provide enough insulation to reduce an energy bill. The FTC has taken disciplinary action against companies making fictitious claims.
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I have never heard of it. Is Liquid Vinyl a new product?
No, this 'revolutionary' coating was initially developed over 45 years ago in Great Britain. It has been manufactured and marketed in the USA since 1985. It's a time-tested coating with a supurb performance history. Liquid Vinyl Siding is marketed and sold by independent companies and advertising is generallly limited to the dealer's area.
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How do I clean Liquid Vinyl?
Liquid Vinyl repels dirt and stays cleaner than paint due to its an antistatic nature so it does not need to be cleaned as often. When cleaning does becomes necessary, simply wash it with an ordinary garden hose. Household cleansers such as Spic & Span or a solution of bleach and water can be used on more stubborn stains or it can be gently pressure washed.
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Am I limited to one color?
No, use any combination of colors that you would like. The color possibilities are endless!
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But I have a brick house?
Liquid Vinyl can be applied over brick. Even if you prefer to keep the brick natural looking, it has many wooden areas that can be coated such as trim around windows and doors, facia boards, eves, rafters, ceiling area, columns, railing, etc. Coating non-brick areas with Liquid Vinyl can make the entire exterior maintenance-free.
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Can the color be changed or what if a new owner wants a different color?
Yes!   Changing the color can be done at a fraction of the cost of the opriginal application. Only minimal prep work is necessary and just a light misting of fresh vinyl is needed for the color change. Be aware that Liquid Vinyl Siding can be painted over with latex paint but it will void its warranty.
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Can I use it over aluminum or vinyl siding?
Yes! Liquid Vinyl can make old, faded aluminum and vinyl siding look new again!
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What surfaces can be coated?
Almost any paintable surfaces con be coated such as wood, stucco, brick, block, cement, masonry, stone, OSB, Hardie-Plank® and other cement fiber boards, composite siding, primed metals, traditional vinyl siding panels, aluminum siding and many other surfaces.
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Do I have to have my siding repaired before they apply it?
No. Your dealer will make sure surfaces are in good shape and make any necessary repairs before applying. Surface preparation is an essential part of the application process. Official LVS dealers follow manufacturer guidelines and apply the coating according to manufacturer specifications.
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Can Liquid Vinyl be used to seal water leaks?
Although Liquid Vinyl Siding is a waterproofing film, it was developed to be used as a long-lasting coating to replace paint and should not be soley relied upon to correct structural problems. Areas allowing unwanted water penetration must be corrected before applying the coating system. The vinyl film is effective at sealing small cracks, filling in porous substrates to make it more water resistant but should not be relied on as the primary source to stop existing water seepage problems.
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Does old paint need to be removed or stripped to bare wood?
In most cases old paint that is flaking, loose or peeling can be scraped and sanded but does not necessarily need to be completely removed. It is important to test the existing coat of paint or soundness. Unstable layers should be removed until down to a sound substrate.
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How much does it cost?
Due to differences in labor cost from area to area, permits required, insurance, etc., a local dealer will need to look at the project to determine its cost. Normally Liquid Vinyl is less costly than vinyl siding and slightly more than traditional paint. The actual cost can vary depending on factors such as the type of siding, general condition, age, etc. Your local dealer will arrange for a representative to look at your home and provide you with a detailed, Free, No Obligation quote.
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What if there is not a dealer near my area, how can I get it?
Dealers are independent companies and unfortunately, there are areas that still do not have a dealer yet. We do not want to deny anyone this fine coating. Our products are available for purchase manufacturer direct in areas that are not being serviced by an official dealer. Give us a call to discuss options that are available.
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What does it take to become a LVS dealer?
Dealers are independent companies that concentrate their business activities to marketing, selling and installing Liquid Vinyl Coating. We provide complete training. It is helpful to have some marketing or business experience. Owning a LVS dealership can be a lucrative venture but like most businesses, it takes time and hard work. For more information call Dealer Services at (530) 419-2517. A dealer coordinator will discuss specific details with you.
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